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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 27, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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yeah, just... i don't know if the frosting is load-bearing. what? you know what, man? thank you. i appreciate it. it looks really beautiful. danny, does it remind you of your broken home? listen, is anybody else sick of this christmas music? can we just do some-- just karaoke? oh, doc, that only plays music in español. [ritchie valens' la bamba plays] oh, perfect. or should i say, perfecto? whoa. ♪ para bailar la bamba let's go. ♪ para bailar la bamba ♪ se necesita un poquito de gracia ♪ everybody dance. ♪ un poquito de gracia y otra cosita ♪ ♪ y arriba y arriba ♪ y arriba y arriba ♪ ♪ por ti sere, por ti sere, por ti sere ♪ come on, everybody! ♪ bamba, bamba everybody! ♪ bamba, bamba that's right. ♪ bamba, bamba (man) go to bed.
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with music, a congregation reunites. we speak to a mother who was shot while shielding her children. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. we speak to the mother who was struck by gunfire while shielding her children. we speak to eric rasmussen who spoke to the mother. >> reporter: we're talking
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about a mother who was blocked her twin boys. her actions gave many others the strength to be in church tonight. back in the same room where bullets pierced the wall just days earlier, members of the central evangelistica church say they're not upset. >> reporter: no tienes miedo? >> no, no tengo miedo. >> reporter: in spanish, cardova told us she was not afraid. >> she said i saw the bullet and i threw myself over them so it might hit me and not them. from her hospital bed today, cardova shows us where she was hit. the bullet missing her hurt.
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in spanish she told us she felt no pain, but felt bad about not being able to be with her children. >> yeah, pretty good mom. >> reporter: she's a pretty good mom? >> yes. >> reporter: today church members attended to show they're support. investigators say they are following leads but made no arrests. coming up at 10:30, oakland police announce a plan to curve violence. the big name they're bringing in to try to make the streets safe again. retired general norman schwarzkoft divide today of pneumonia. >> you all are better trained, you're better equipped, better led. believe it or not despite of
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mres you're better fed. but most of all you're a hell of a lot tougher than they are. >> reporter: general schwarzkoft led in kuwait in 1991. storming norman as he was known died at the age of 78. general schwarzkopf is being remembered for his legacy. and former secretary of state colin powell said, his leadership not only led the military service, he led the
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nation. he was a good friend of mine. i will miss him. bush is spending the night in the hospital. the 41st president has been in the hospital for more than a month with bronchitis. president obama summoned congressional leaders to come to the white house tomorrow in a last ditch effort to try to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. the president arrived in washington today cutting short his hawaii vacation. he called congressional leaders last night and today house speaker john boehner said the house will convene on sunday leaving less than 48 hours to come up with a deal. >> it's the count down to midnight. the start of a new year. but this year president, the american people are waiting for the ball to drop but it's not going a good drop. >> republicans aren't about to write a blank check for anything senate democrats put forward just because we find
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ourselves at the edge of the cliff. >> off the senate floor, mitch mcconnell appears to be more flexible. the senator sent an e-mail suggesting he's negotiating an acceptable deal with the white house. stocks rebounded today on news that the house would reconvene on the fiscal cliff after diving more than 150 points the dow bounced back to lose only 18 points. it was the fourth straight day of losses. >> i don't know there's a word to describe how -- the public is going to be. >> why california is going to take an extra hit if we go over the fiscal cliff. new at 10:00, a man was critically wounded at a shooting in an east b.a.r.t. station. it happened this afternoon at the bay point station. service was interrupted for some time while police searched
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if station but they did not turn up a suspect. the victim only described as a male was taken to the hospital with what is being called serious injuries. 1,170 people were arrested for dui statewide compared to 1,080 in 1990. in the bay area 165 people have been arrested for dui and there have been three fatal collisions. last year there were 188 arrests and no fatalities. happening now, matt keller is live in fremont where a dui checkpoint is currently on the way. >> this checkpoint has been going on here on fremont boulevard for about an hour. officers are speaking to each driver and handing them a
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pamphlet. they say there's been nine dui arrests. they rarely make a drunk driving arrests at their dui checkpoints but they write a lot of tickets. we watched as the officer stopped a car with someone in the back with a baby on their lap. one man's story was a little more complicated but it still ended with him getting a ticket. >> what did they say they're writing you a ticket for? >> for not having my passport. >> your passport. >> so do you have your license? >> yeah, i have a international license but they said i can't carry it without a passport. >> so they said they're going to give you a ticket? >> they already gave me one. >> reporter: the chp are starting with maximum enforcement patrols patrols tomorrow night with checkpoints. this checkpoint in fremont is scheduled to stay open until 1:00 in the morning. and so far there have been no
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dui arrests. reporting live in fremont, matt keller, ktvu. the highway patrol has wrapped up their investigation into a party bus accident that killed a woman. this week chp investigators reported their findings. >> the people that were involved are uncooperative so we had to try to piece things together with you know, without having the cooperation that we needed. >> there is no word on when the da will decide whether or not to file charges. oakland police say a very detailed surveillance video may help catch a trail of burglars who broke into a condo complex. the surveillance video here shows one man that looked straight into the camera. he broke into the complex on adam's point. another shows him walking in with two other men.
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doesn't appear the trio took anything but residents worry that they'll return. >> the count with opd not being able to respond because they are so overstaffed and it's a super dangerous situation. >> the first man with the neck tattoo has been committing property crimes in the area for quite some time. his face was on a flier that was posted around the neighborhood. burglaries are becoming so common place at an oakland shopping center that police have posted signs. the break-ins occur in broad daylight in a busy parking lot. >> we walked over, sure enough the window was broken. laptops gone. >> oakland police installed a digital sign warning patrons at this shopping center that this is a high break-in area. but these pg & e employees didn't expect thieves to strike during their quick lunch break in a bright parking lot. >> it's going to be hard for nobody to note. >> morning, night it doesn't
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matter. i come through here and walk through and glass busted all on the ground. >> reporter: the remnants of so many car windows it was easy to find evidence of previous break- ins. people who work here tell us they get complaints from customers daily. >> just make sure you don't leave nothing in the car. >> bring everything to work. >> yes. >> reporter: police tell us they started seeing an increased here during the summer. >> that's a well traveled area. we have 880 which runs through oak land. -- oakland. we have a lot of holiday traálars that come in and out of the airport, holiday travelers. >> it's really hard for the youngsters to make them understand that you know, you don't lash out by doing something that's wrong and this is not the way to get what you need. >> reporter: this digital sign will stay through january 1st. police remind patrons to keep valuables out of sight and take them out of your car whenever
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possible. lorraine blanco,. showers are back in your bay area forecast. i'll tell you when and where to expect them tomorrow. >> a trail of destruction. >> after i heard sirens i heard the crash. >> the mess this car caused before it ended on a tree. and what happened to the woman driver.
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new video tonight of a
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dramatic crash in eastern contra costa county. sheriff deputies were chasing a suspect in bay point when his car crashed into a street sign, a fence, a car and then went airborne. the car landed between a telephone pole and a tree, the man ran off. >> after i heard the sirens i heard the crash. i came out to see what was going on. the police were already here because they were chasing him. >> another resident was taken to the hospital after she reportedly fainted. the suspect remains on the run. police say they were responding to a domestic violence call when the suspect led them on a chase. tonight we learned the identity of the young man shot and killed by police in a bay area city that rarely sees the type of violence. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live in walnut creek this evening to tell us what neighbors heard in the middle of the night. jana. >> reporter: that's right we have confirmed that the man who was shot and killed by police is anthony banta. he lives in that apartment come
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lek -- apartment complex right across the street. and his neighbors tell us he was a hairdresser that works just across the way. tonight we found the front window boarded up at apartment 60 where the man killed anthony banta lives. walnut creek police tells us they got a call from the apartment complex. the dispatcher could hear screaming in the background. police say when officers arrived about six minutes later banta was armed with a weapon inside the apartment. police say officers were forced to shoot banta. today neighbors say the gunshots woke them up. >> i heard something that sounded like seven to eight shots. >> i saw six or seven officers busting into the apartment with a lot of gunfire and running into apartment. they said get on the ground
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anthony, get on the ground or something like that. >> reporter: the 22-year-old lived with two male roommates and was not known to be in a relationship. neighbors say he was kind and a man to be known to meditate in his backyard. officers would not say what banta had when they shot at him. >> nobody in the area has any reason to feel unsafe. >> reporter: two officers have been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. something the chief says is procedure. the alameda woman accused of stabbing four members of her family on christmas night now faces several charges. the alameda county district attorney today filed charges of assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse against 42-year- old tiffany thomas. thomas allegedly stabbed her
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sister then the others including her teenage daughter as they tried to help the victims. all of the victims are expected to recover. a couple could not make it to the hospital fast enough and had the to deliver their baby on the side of the road. when the baby started to arrive they pulled over and helped deliver a healthy 7-pound baby girl. the father was following in the family car. >> mom started crying, dad started crying, we're all hugging it was great. it was such a wonderful gift for christmas morning. >> reporter: it's the couple's third child. mother and baby are said to be doing well. downtown berkeley could be getting its first new high rise in four decades. a los angeles real estate group has presented a recommendation. the project is expected to face opposition. the developer wants to tear
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down the back of the historic chadick cinemas to build the project. as debora villalon explains, the victim made a bad move while trying to escape from police. >> reporter: the man flung himself over the rail and into the the water. running from police who wanted to test him for dui. as the man swept away, officers yelled at him telling him to grab a ladder on the side. but he looked exhausted and drowned. >> they were concerned that had he made it out of the water he would have contacted them. searching has been intermittent since the incident and today
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resumed with a new tool. an underwater robot called a video ray. it's it's tethered to the boat. marin is borrowing the video ray from contra costa county who bought it with anti terrorists bombs. >> i think you will likely see it in this type of environment for law enforcement where it gives us a pair of eyes under water. >> reporter: the victim's family watched today's search but declined comment. they've left messages on the water and the bridge. police now identify the young man as anthony donaldson. they said he had a dui history and may have been desperate to avoid another one. debora villalon. a tornado did in fact, hit a watsonville farm causing significant damage. the twister ran in from
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monterey bay at 7:00. the national wetter service investigator took pictures seen here of a damaged greenhouse. the weather service here says the tornado path extended for a little over a mile. chilly out there tonight. we're going to see some fog in the inland bay valleys. right now in santa rosa it's 48 degrees. the feel like temperature in santa rosa is 38 degrees. we have dewpoint temperatures in the upper 30s and mid-30s throughout the area. fog in the forecast again tonight. it's going to be cold but we shouldn't see any freezing temperatures. most temperatures will be above freezing but it's going to be chilly. we'll see some fog and certainly some frost. you look at it here we are here. you look at that you say, this is going to blow right through the next few hours and this is only six hours away or something. the momentum or the motion is basically blowing south and east. it's coming like this right down the coast. this thing is not going to come
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flying through. this comes in here tomorrow afternoon. the clouds increase all day. by tomorrow night late you have a shot for showers in the bay area forecast. as we move later on in the forecast we have a chance for showers. we have the computer models, this is the computer model that will give you the time line for what you could expect for your tomorrow and into the bay area weekend as well. we'll see you back here. our storms this week have turned the higher elevations of the sierra into a play land for snow enthusiasts. skiers and snow boarders are responding packing the slopes to enjoy all of that fresh snow. it is a staggering number that some people only dream of, how much apple ceo makes and why his salary dropped dramatically. >> plus what going over the so called fiscal cliff could mean for the taxes that you pay. >> interest rates as high as 400%. the company targeting a big settlement and the thousands of californians who will benefit.
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economic experts say if the country says if the country goes over the so called fiscal cliff it could go back into a recession. the effects could be even worse here in california. >> reporter: californians trying to straighten out the state's finances voted for prop 30. high earning californians will pay higher income taxes for seven years. the fiscal cliffs will hit all americans with much higher taxes and that could lead to an over all u.s. economic downturn. that in term could derail in of the benefits prop 30 may have meant for the state. >> i don't know there's a word to describe how the public is going to be. nobody is going to be happy to see that happen. >> if taxes go up on everybody,
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it's not going to be a happy time. but i think that's what's inevitably going to happen. >> reporter: average earnings will see 4%, top earners about 6%. that says nothing of lost deductions or other unknowns such as deduction driven pay cuts, lay offs and over all decreased economic development. >> we're going to be very angry. if you're on top, you're on top. but if you're in the middle of the bottom you're really going to be affected by this. >> reporter: now add unemployment benefits that are going to be cut off. >> i make that american politics tend to hurt the american people. >> reporter: fact is no one will be exempt. tom vacar. ktvu news. americans are buying new homes at the fastest pace in more than 2-1/2 years. that's according to a report by
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the commerce department released today. sales of new homes rose almost 4-1/2 1/2% from october to november at a seasonal rate of 120 homes. that's the fastest rate of 2010. stable job gains and record low mortgage rates are sited as reasons for the rebound. four national retailers have agreed to recall certain baby recliners following the reports of five infant deaths. in additional to the fatalities, it's received 100 reports of infants hanging out or nearly falling over the sides of the seats. the company's founder says she does not believe the complaint and that it has merit and says the products are safe when used properly. topping the list of highest paid ceos last year. tim cook saw his pay drop
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dramatically this year. cook took home $4.2 million in salary and performance bonuses in 2012. last year it was a whopping $378 million largely due to a stock option. cook got no stock option this year. one east bay city plans to hire a well known expert to fight crime. we have details of the new plan. >> a sign of ever lasting love isn't going to last that long in los gatos. the reason why these locks of love are being removed from a popular bridge. >> you can get ktvu news to go. you can watch all our newscasts live on our mobile device. six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off.
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in an effort to battle a negative imagine and high crime rates the city of oakland announced a sweeping new plan that includes bringing in an outsider. amber lee is live in oakland tonight with the specific change for the police department and how much the plan will cost. >> reporter: maureen we're at allen temple church where youth leaders are deploying their own crime prevention strategy they're keeping their children and teens off the streets for a 24 hour period. city leaders announce what they plan to do to fight crime. >> we agree with the community that the crime rate has been absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: at city hall, the mayor and the police chief announce that they're bringing in outside help including well known former los angeles police chief bill bratton. he's been credited with reducing crime in l.a. and new york city. diana santana tells me bratton has already started assessing oakland's problems. >> he will do whatever he needs to do to get a feel of oakland. obviously i will be meeting with him a lot.
10:31 pm
he will be meeting with community members. >> reporter: the oakland police department avoided taken over by the federal department earlier this month after a judge agreed to have a appointed director oversee the department. brad's position is separate from that. they plan to split the city into five districts each to be run by a captain. >> i was surprised to find a window broken. >> reporter: this salon owner told me someone broke her window yesterday. >> if this happens again, i need to move from here. >> reporter: at allen temple baptist church tonight a youth director tells us the community still has to do its part. >> we can use all the help that we can, it's sometimes good to be able to focus within. >> reporter: the price tag for the consultant's help, $350,000. community members say it's worth a try. nothing else has worked so far. reporting live here.
10:32 pm
the city of san francisco is now facing a lawsuit alleging five police officers conducted improper searches. john burress filed suit on behalf of three people who said they were wrongfully arrested last year at the henderson hotel in the tenderloin. they say police officers claimed they had permission to conduct searches but say they were seen on surveillance video using a master key. we are learning about a construction worker who died. today he was identified as 51- year-old jose plancarte. he died after falling from a platform yesterday. cal osha is investigating. police are identifying a boy who was killed on christmas eve. the crash killed 11-year-old kendrick ing and his 25-year- old cousin from southern
10:33 pm
california. the driver of the dodge is under arrest on charges of vehicle manslaughter. police are investigating his possible ties to a gang shooting earlier that day. thousands of californians who paid interest rates to a major paycheck lender are due to receive some money back. >> check and go, online installment loans carried interest rates as high as 100%. our settlement requires check & go to commit to $2.3 million in refunds for eligible borrowers. >> a settlement deal has been made with check & go from ohio. individual refunds are said to range from $40 to $2,300. to see if you're eligible, go
10:34 pm
to our link on mark talamamtes believes he's the first latino ever appointed to the bench in marin county. he will be sworn in on monday. san francisco police are searching for a teenager who escaped from custody. last night the teen was being brought in from san bern -- bernardino when he jumped out of the vehicle and ran off. police describe the 16-year-old boy as african american, 5'8" tall and 180 pounds. he was wearing a glittery tank top and dark acid washed jeans. anyone who has seen him is asked to contact san francisco police. vallejo police arrested a copper thief. six portable classrooms were his tuesday night or wednesday morning. guards spotted 29-year-old chad trogeti of vallejo on campus with the sort of tools that are
10:35 pm
used to steal cooper. police arrested torgeti but it's not clear if he was responsible for the thefts early they are week. there's no word if the classrooms will be able to be required before classes resume next week. residents will be allowed to attend one of four meetings to discuss fire station closures. we've posted the list of times and locations of those meetings at just click the hot topics page. caltrans has delayed the opening of the devil slide tunnel south of pacifica. a spokesman for the transportation agency says more work is needed on some of the operating systems. instead of opening before the end of this year it's hoped the
10:36 pm
twin tunnels will open in 2014. the project has cost about $100 million more than expected. one couple is fighting for their lock of love to stay put. on a night line tonight the los gatos street has a romantic feel. so much so that people have put up locks to proclaim their love. >> i think it's cute, i like it. >> reporter: tim and carolyn started this a few years ago. just a feet away there's a sign that says these locks of love are about to be clipped. the 25 locks will be removed on february 1st. disappointing many of the people we spoke to tonight. >> it's very sweet. so i think we need more not
10:37 pm
less. >> reporter: the couple said they will fight to keep their display of love. the strike that may impact 25% of the country's cargo. >> i'm back here in 10 minutes, the latest computer model show that is rain doing something a little different. i'll let you know what the current shows. >> and a startling scene in china. what investigators say this fish tank gave way. ♪
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[ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪
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save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. tonight the northeast is digging out from the latest winter storm about 2 feet of snow fell overnight in up state new york and new england.
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white out conditions were common on the road. at airports dozens of travelers were stranded. on the slopes skiers took advantage of all the snowfall. in news of the world in the central african republic, the u.s. is removing their -- prime minister -- international experts have found no evidence of banned weapons use by syria. the side of a huge aquarium suddenly gave way.
10:41 pm
the 33-ton fish tank was filled with sharks in a shanghai shopping mall. the surveillance video shows a man being swept away from the rush of water. 16 people were injured. investigators blame cheap materials used for the fish tank. and the mall has no plans to rebuild the tank. the ports that would be affected by a strike handle an estimated 40% of the nation's containerized cargo. and some experts say a work stoppage would have a chilling effect on the nation's economy. the transportation security administration says it confiscated a record number of firearm this is year at u.s. airports. the latest figures from tsa shows 1,527 guns were confiscated. the tsa doesn't keep track of
10:42 pm
what happens to the people after the weapons are found. local law enforcement agencies handle any arrest. a tsa spokesman also reported a passenger traveling from jfk airport in new york tried to take 26 stun guns on a flight in his carry on bag. the best places for men to live, according to men's health magazine san jose is the second best place with high marks for health and sentence. san francisco came in third. rankings were based on 38 tkáeufrpbt criteria. boise idaho came in first -- different criteria. boise idaho came in first. the saints take on bowling green and win. what's next for the team and the challenge ahead. the skies may have been cleared today but that's about to change. chief meteorologist bill martin is coming up with when we can expect more rain.
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there's reason to celebrate in the south bay tonight, after san jose state university football team delivered in its first bowl game appearance in six years. ktvu's robert handa was with a group of fans as the spartans sealed their win on a national stage and without their head coach. san jose state football fans show up often at the fourth street pizza company downtown. but today with the team taking on bowling green in the military bowl it was much harder to find a seat. >> we haven't gotten a bowl game since new mexico we love it. we had a great year. >> reporter: this year's graduates watched the team go from 1-12 to seasons ago to this season's success then saw
10:46 pm
their head coach take a job with colorado before today's bowl game. >> i'm so proud of them and how far they've come. they believe in themselves first and now they've turned everybody into believers. >> reporter: and there were more believes as the game went on. >> wide open, inside the 10. >> i think san jose state is the sleeping giant in terms of the sports program here. we're starting to show some good things. >> it came down to the last few minutes but as it has almost all year. san jose state came out the winner. >> the game was amazing. heart wrenching, nerve wracking. >> i'm just thrilled to be a spartan to still be going to san jose state. i think we're coming together. >> before too many people get carried away, san jose state has challenges ahead. a new coach, a new conference but at least now it goes forward as bowl champions.
10:47 pm
in san jose, robert handa. ktvu channel 2 news. light rail system is announcing 25 years of service. the valley transportation authority has been compared to other light rail systems. it found taxpayers subsidize 85%. the light rail costs 1/3 more to operate but carries 30% fewer riders. whale traffic will be counted as they enter the bay area. the whales of course migrate up and down the california coast. in 2010 five whales died from ship collisions near san francisco. tracking some showers that are headed our way. but the latest computer models sort of back off in the showers for friday night, saturday. we're going to get to that.
10:48 pm
here's the system we talked about it. it's motion is something like this so it's working it's way down the coast. just a different kind of emotion for this storm. right now we have loud in the bay area. by santa -- right now we have clouds in the bay area by santa monica. in some places it'll be low visibility in the morning hours especially in the valley. a high surf advisory goes into effect. it's going to be fairly sizable. high surf advisory in this time of year it's not that many days that we get surf below 10 feet. so when it gets up 14, 15 feet it's not that unusual. you can go out to the coast it's not going to be raining so looks like you could have a pretty nice weekend. extended showers for friday night and saturday. they really look like they're starting to be minimized since the computer models keeps it
10:49 pm
offshore. the first thing tomorrow is fog. it's in the central valley. i don't have that in reports of fog now in the north bay. the dewpoints are like santa rosa 38-degrees. dewpoint is 36. when the dewpoint drops from 38 to 36 fog formless. that's how it's going to be near modesto and davis. tomorrow morning if you're planning to jet out to reno. you're heading up to tahoe the fog will be there. it's probably the worse at 8:00, 9:00. this is the system i'm tracking, not going like this, going like this. as it goes offshore it passes us. the main dynamics passes offshore. it's not going to be like usual where they blow through with all the jet streams. the computer model is going to show you this as we go through tonight. you get the high clouds. tomorrow the clouds at 7:00 a.m. mostly cloudy, fog in the central valley. fog around here. rain is offshore but it's not
10:50 pm
going this way it's going watch i'll back off. it'll go like that. so that doesn't happen every day. it's friday friday at 5:00 it stays offshore. watch what happens as it goes, keeps going. it wouldn't take much for that to brush up the coast. pacifica, san francisco. the peninsula. but you know maybe bumps over a half a degree or something. right now the models are keeping it a good 15 miles offshore. what does it mean? friday night, chance of scattered showers. saturday morning maybe some scattered showers. then watch saturday afternoon. 10:00a.m. it starts to clear out. so your saturday looks pretty good. your sunday looks pretty good too. it's just not going to be that warm. your forecast then for tomorrow, not bad. increasing clouds, models have been backing up. a bunch of the models are backing up for the rain for this deal. i think you're going to be fine for saturday. if it does happen it's friday night late into saturday morning. your friday, saturday afternoons look nice. >> even if it does happen it's not a big deal.
10:51 pm
>> it'll be a nonevent then. >> and new year's will not be mad either. >> no, it'll be a nice holiday. and a cat appropriately named chips was just a few weeks old when firefighters found her with burns on her paws. she quickly healed but then became too friendly with people. the sierra wildlife rescue moved chips into a pen with two other young bob cats. all three are wilded up and ready to be released next spring. britney spears is reportedly out as a judge on the x factor. executive producer simon cowel will called spears boring and not worth her $15 million contract. spears joined the show back in may. the x factor wrapped up their season last week as a spokeswoman for the show called the report complete speculation. more on san jose state's victory today and what they haven't done since 1940. when an antioch park
10:52 pm
damaged by arson will be reopened thanks to some last minute donations. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. last minute surprise donations today helped meet the project to rebuild a playground that was burned by an arsonist. the september fire in antioch
10:55 pm
city park caused $250,000 damage. insurance didn't fully cover the costs but today donations by pg & e and jim fraizer put the building fund over the top. it's hopeed the playground will be rebuilt and reopen next spring. fred inglis is here now. we've been talking about the san jose spartans and quite a win today in a big game. >> they've won the last three bowl games they've played. but haven't been to a bowl game since 2006. haven't won a single military bowl since 1940. they win their final game as the member of the western athletic conference. and newly hired coach watched the game from san jose state. bail it is first spartan to
10:56 pm
throw for 1,000 yards. chandler jones makes a nice little move. stays in bound for the touchdown. like bales, jones is expected to return next year. they finish 11-2. jim moore and the ucla bruins forgot to bring their -- bears nick florence he's at the kevin reese. reeses pieces. that's a 55-yard touchdown. bruins get tossed around. seventeenthranked bruins finish 9-5. cincinnati and duke met in charlotte for today's belk bowl. with under a minute left when bear cats brandon. cincinnati later returns an interception back for a
10:57 pm
touchdown. bear cats beat blue devils. 49ers probowl defensive tackle justin smith ma the probowl start again. he will miss sunday's game against arizona and maybe even the play offs. now it's still not clear exactly what partially torn means especially when you have the iron the size of a big ham. the news is a little lighter for vernon after this hit. davis must still follow the nfl concussion protocall before he can play sunday against arizona. >> oakland native and 168-pound boxing champion andre ward confirmed today that he'll undergo shoulder surgery next month so he cancelled his upcoming fight with kelly pravick. they have not rescheduled that fight. he was the eastern conference coach of the month in november after losing 10 of
10:58 pm
his last 13, the nets fired coach avery johnson. net's assistant and former coach pali six mo will take over as interim head coach. they're trying to get phil jackson. phil jackson's agent today said phil the zen master is not interested in the nets. that's sports as we see it for this thursday night. maureen. >> and a big game sunday for the 49ers. they're kind of limping into that final game. >> they were so healthy. suddenly now they're banged up. again winning against the arizona cardinals at home they will clench the nfc west and then they're hoping that green bay will lose to minnesota so that they can get a first round bye. they're so banged up they could use a bye to get healed up. >> it's hard to watch that vernon davis hit. >> that's just slobber knocker football. i don't know, that's pretty good football right there. he did not spear the guy. he did not head butt. >> thank you fred. >> thank you. >> thank you for trusting ktvu
10:59 pm
channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> and the morning team will have the latest news. they'll be here at 4:30 a.m. to 10:00. we hope you join us then, good night.


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